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Saskatchewan located in the heart of Canada has a vast and varied landscape for you to enjoy. We have miles and miles of untamed wilderness. You can visit prairie plains or retreat to the forest. A visit to Saskatchewan offers you a chance to have unique vacation experience complimented by our excellent hospitality. The name Saskatchewan calls you back to a less populated more rugged time. Our Province comes from our indigenous people and means a river that flows swiftly. We pride ourselves on our pristine wilderness lakes and rivers.

Imagine paddling down a wilderness lake without meeting another soul. Haul a trophy-size northern pike out of our clean, clear waters. Perhaps you would like to do some prairie horseback riding and feel the freedom of riding across the open plains. We invite you to discover all that Saskatchewan has to offer on your holidays this year.

Saskatchewan, Canada  

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    Nordic Lodge is located on a sheltered bay on the southern shores of Reindeer Lake, in the midst of rugged breathtaking Precambrian scenery ...
    Box 2028 Saskatoon SK S7K 3S7


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