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Nordic Lodge
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Nordic Lodge is located on a sheltered bay on the southern shores of Reindeer Lake, in the midst of rugged breathtaking Precambrian scenery. Come get away from it all. Drive in or fly in to a great wilderness experience. Enjoy some of the finest fishing in northern Saskatchewan, visit historic Native pictographs and an ancient meteorite crater; savour the fragrant fresh air, the breathtaking scenery, the relaxing pace of the unspoiled North. Now you can enjoy a wilderness vacation at a reasonable price! We take pride in our excellent fishing and modern, comfortable housekeeping accommodations. Nordic Lodge is accessible by road from LaRonge, about 135 miles (217km) to the southwest of us on Highway 102, or by light plane to our 2200' MOT-approved gravel airstrip.

Activities / Attractions
  • Landmarks / Cultural / Pictographs
    On your vacation experience some of Canada's ancient history. While staying at our remote, Nordic Lodge you will have the opportunity to view native pictographs in their original setting..
  • Landmarks / Historical
    Our area is steeped in native as well as early Canadian history
  • Natural Sciences / Meteorology
    Deep Bay, part of Reindeer Lake, is the result of a meteorite that struck 140 million years ago.
  • Landmarks / Geology
    The rock formations here, some of volcanic origin, are Precambrian, the oldest on earth.


  • Arctic Grayling
    Enjoy the challenge of fishing for arctic grayling, these scrappy little fighter can give an experienced angler a run for his money.
  • Trout / Lake
    One of our prime Lake Trout areas is Deep Bay, one of the world's largest ancient meteorite craters.
  • Northern Pike
    Canada is famous for its wiley Northern Pike! Do battle with one of these monsters and land a trophy-size fish.

Services / Accommodations

  • Housekeeping Units
    Enjoy the glories of remote wilderness, drive or fly-in to beautiful Nordic Lodge on Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan.
  • Conservation / Fishing
    Reindeer Lake is the largest lake with conservation limits in Saskatchewan.
  • Maps / On-line Area & Lake Maps

Nordic Lodge

Summer Address
Reindeer Lake
SK   S0J 2L0
Ph: 306-758-2066
Fax: 306-758-2066

Winter Address
Box 2028
SK   S7K 3S7
Ph: 306-382-0850
Fax: 306-382-0850

Donna Carlson-O'Keefe and Brian O'Keefe

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Reindeer Lake

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