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VirtualNorth.Net is a vast compilation of individual operators in the area of travel and tourism. We invite you to wade around in our site before you make any decisions regarding your level involvement in VirtualNorth.Net. We represent innovation and the cutting edge in on-line tourism.

Please be sure to read our terms of service and use for members as well as, our site's privacy policy for all.

How We Can Work For You

VirtualNorth.Net features an easy to use searchable Internet directory for customers looking to nail down their travel, vacation, or outdoor adventure plans. Your potential client chooses keyword parameters that best suit their personalized vacation needs. For those who are looking for an experience in a specific geographical location, visitors may also search by destination. Our search engine then compiles a list of suitable providers and displays them for the visitors. This allows them an opportunity to preview the details and/or photographs of a number of outfits that meet their specified requirements.

It is our goal to not only provide information on possible destinations, but also to provide useful information on a variety of travel and recreational sectors. We are a one-stop location where clients can find everything from destinations and travel tips to what gear they will require on their vacation and where to get it. As a member of VirtualNorth.Net your site can include a preamble, contact information and photograph with a link to your website.

A site on VirtualNorth.Net can increase traffic to your existing website and deliver more qualified visitors to your site. By registering your site with the search engine you will further enhance your operation's web presence. If you are looking for someone to market your site, feel free to contact us for further details. For those new to Internet marketing a site on VirtualNorth.Net is the perfect place to start.

Regular Membership

As a regular member you will receive your own mini-site on Virtual North.Net. You can log-onto to this mini-site from anywhere on the web to make immediate changes to your membership page. You will receive 1000 credits to spend within the system. You pick the categories in our directory that best describe your operation or outfit. You also decide where and how many credits to spend for each category. The number of credits applied to any category affects your ranking in that category and the returns from keyword-based searches by visitors to VirtualNorth.Net. The main category groups are:   Services & Accommodations, Angling, Hunting, Marine Adventures, Outdoor Adventures, and Activities & Attractions. Each category offers a wide selection of specific topics. There are also regional categories where you may place your facilities.

Other features on VirtualNorth.Net included an array of site-wide counters that will allow you to track the performance of your site. The counters allow you to gauge your performance and your personalized, real-time access means you can make adjustments to your site in the time frame that is most convenient for you. As a member you will receive inquiries from potential clients looking for services in the tourism sector. You can receive or turn off Virtual North's general travel enquiries at your discretion. This feature enables you to turn off inquiries during your busy season and look into future customers on your off-season. We are currently working on a new filter system that will sort the travel inquiries into more specific areas.

As a regular member you will also receive general correspondence from out head office. VirtualNorth.Net has a zero tolerance policy regarding spam on the Internet. As a responsible provider we will not include you on any other outside mailing list without your prior approval. Click here for more information on spam.

Free Affiliate Membership (a Time-limited Offer)

Affilaited Membership I
As an affiliated member you are entitled to 5 free links, one of those in the regional categories at VirtualNorth.Net. In order to qualify for an Affiliated I membership you must maintain a link to VirtualNorth.Net. Our spider will visit your site and confirm the reciprocal link. You may choose four categories. An editor at VirtualNorth.Net will enter you into a relevant regional category.

Affliated Membership II This area Currently Full
This membership requires no reciprocal link on your part. You will be entered into 1 regional category on VirtualNorth.Net

Note: If you do not receive a response regarding your application for a free membership at Virtual North within 14 business days, you may assume that we have chosen not to include your site.


Membership Level Cost Features
Regular Membership
Your site will be activated on receipt of payment.
$250 CDN. Plus GST
Invoicing will be via email unless otherwise requested.
  • Your own Mini-site
  • 1000 Credits
  • Logon privileges
  • One photo
  • Receive travel inquiries
  • site with a link to your principal website
  • You choose your categories
  • up to two links to other websites.
Affiliated Membership I Free with a reciprocal link to VirtualNorth.Net
  • 5 free links to your website from various categories. (Subject to approval by our editors.)
  • the five free links can include one listing in a regional category
Affiliated Membership II
Area Full
Free with no reciprocal link to VirtualNorth.Net
  • One regional link to your website
  • One free link from our categories to be selected by our editors.
As an added bonus, all members may post relevant messages and pictures to our bulletin board, The Outdoor Post
Please read the rules for using the bulletin prior to your first posting!
Affiliated memberships are subject to change without notice.
VirtualNorth.Net reserves the right to reject any submitted site.

How to proceed

For Regular Members:   You will be contacted within two business days. We will then arrange a mutually convenient time for a brief phone call. This will allow you to pick your own user name and password as well as, give you an introduction to navigating the members-only side of our site. At VirtualNorth.Net we believe the best person to describe the features of your operation is you. Access to our members-only area allows you to do just that.

For affiliate members I & II:   Please pick two categories from our directory and email them to us along with your website, email, and address. One of our editors will pick the regional category for your operation after visiting your site.

If you represent a Tourism\Travel\Vacation Adventure business and are interested in joining Virtual North you can also contact us at:

Virtual North
Box 88
St. Georges, MB
R0E 1V0
PH: 204-367-4945
Fax 367-2809

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