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Travel and vacations in the Canadian outdoors are truly unforgettable! Discover the magnificent beauty of our unspoiled wilderness. Whether you are seeking peaceful solitude and relaxation or intense thrills and excitement, Canada has something for everyone.

Find yourself sport-fishing for salmon or halibut off of our coasts, trolling the depths of pristine lakes, or casting a fly-rod over a wild Arctic stream. Maybe you'll discover yourself in a sea-kayak, watching for whales, or exploring beneath the waves on a scuba-dive. Choose a hiking trek into the woods or an electrifying rafting adventure along our rugged backcountry.

Perhaps you'd prefer the thrill of fishing for trophy-sized lake trout, walleye, northern pike, muskie, or bass on a crystal clean remote northern lake, then return at days-end for an evening of relaxation and camaraderie at a first-class lodge or resort. Nothing compares to your first glimpse of our extraordinary Northern Lights.

Virtual North is dedicated to connecting you to a wide selection of Canadian resorts, lodges, and tourist outfitters. So put your feet up and take some time to browse, then picture yourself in paradise on your next holiday.

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