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Bass are members of the sunfish family. The males of the species are the nest builders. They also guard the eggs from interlopers. After the fry hatch the male will continue guarding them until the fry are ready to leave the nest area.

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  • Tomahawk Resort [Website | Summary]
    Excellent Bass fishing on Lake of the Woods adjacent to Tomahawk. Smallmouth are chunky and abundant and some largemouth. Open season all year.
    Box 29 Sioux Narrows ON P0X 1N0
    807-226-5622 or 800-465-1091

  • Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Association [Website | Summary]
    Sunset Country offers some of the finest smallmouth bass fishing in North America. Largemouth can also be found in some of our lakes.
    P.O. Box 647W Kenora ON P9N 3X6
    807-468-5853 or 1-800-665-7567

  • Christina Lake [Website]
    Hwy 3 & Kimura Rd. Christina Lake BC V0H 1E2

  • Essex County Bass Anglers [Website]
    33 Donald St. Leamington ON N8H 4J4

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